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Bathroom & Wet Room Installation

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We understand the importance of a well-designed bathroom & wet room. Careful thought given to the best layout options can help ensure your bathroom is a pleasure to use from day one. Our professional installation help will provide a problem-free bathroom for many years to come.

We can visit your property in Basildon or any of the surrounding towns in essex and survey the room from which we can make appropriate recommendations.

Bathroom & Wet room

Installation Key Points

My in-house approach saves you time, money and unnecessary disruption. No hanging around, no expensive outsourcing.

An honest, accurate project cost upfront.

Imaginative & practical layouts, including the finishing touches such as tiles and taps that enhance the look & feel.

What kind of bathroom or wetroom would you like? Contemporary bathroom design, a stylish and functional family bathroom, a cutting-edge wet room, and opulent luxury. The choice is yours.

Tell me about your ideal bathroom or wet room and will make it yours.

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